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Land Rover Vehicles

The following links are independent used Land Rover dealers or Rover sale sites.
Website Description

Red Mountain Rovers
Red Mountain Rovers isn't your typical car lot. When you visit our dealership, you won't find a high pressure salesman, clowns, balloons or streamers. You will find, however, a great selection of land rovers and folks who love what these amazing vehicles are all about.

Range Rovers .Net
A website where Range Rovers owners list their vehicles for sale. Defenders and other Rovers are displayed as well.

Land Rover Trader Online
A part of Auto Ad Listings

Land Rovers for Sale began in the Spring of 2001 as a passionate dream to one day buy and sell more NAS Land Rover Defenders than anyone in the country. One by one the Land Rover Defenders came in and went out. In the Fall of 2001, a website was launched and an E-Bay account was opened. In 2004 a hobby turned into a business when both founding partners left construction careers to work full time at landroversforsale.

The British Rover Company
The British Rover Company is an independent service and sales business and not affiliated with Land Rover North America, or any of its franchises or affiliates in anyway.

Platinum Motor Sports
Located in Lagrange Ky.

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